ArcMail Partner Program

Whether you are a Reseller, an MSP or an Alliance partner, our partner program is designed to do more than support your sales efforts. We want to help grow your business by effectively integrating our products and services into your current sales process and infrastructure.  We work hard to protect you and your customers and to provide tools to grow your business. Every partner has access to a dedicated team and the resources required to motivate and empower their sales and technical teams, build strong customer relationships and retain business.

Deal Registration

We protect the opportunities of our partners.  We recognize how hard you worked to create the opportunity and we want to protect your efforts by offering additional margin and support as well as a formal registration process to protect your business opportunity.

Client Retention

Our customer retention is one of the best in the industry.  Our unique partner discount structure and support helps our partners maintain reliable recurring revenue.

Benefits or our program

Depending on the capacity, marketing, sales, and customer base of our partners, ArcMail has created different channels and support to provide a framework that matches our partners' unique strengths with the expectations and requirements of our prospects and customers.

What sets us Apart

  • Joint Marketing Programs
  • Marketing Materials
  • Online Demo Access and Discounted NFR Units
  • Technical Webinars
  • Web-based Online Demos.
  • Free Customer Evaluations (VM)
  • Joint Sales Calls and Technical Support
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